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Equine Connection Soul Direction

         Counselling and Psychotherapy

Are you open to changing things in your life and perhaps trying something new? 
You may be anxious,  feel guilt, shame or lack confidence in a number of areas in your life. You may be transitioning through grief, family, marital or relationship issues, problems at work or with peers, or you may have symptoms associated with suffering from a trauma. The therapeutic process I offer will give you new insight into a different way of thinking, new perspectives and potential to change your behaviour and how you respond to others. Learning to recognise and modify your emotional states ,will enable you to become aware of how you are and how others react to you. Gaining a deeper understanding of your personal blueprint relating to your behaviours, responses and expression allow you to form a deeper connection with yourself and can enhance your interpersonal relationships. 

You may be cautious about trying something new and you can research which therapy may better fit your needs. Nothing is fixed as we can always transition to another strategy. 
Becoming empowered, choosing where you want to go, and finding what works for you, plus leaving behind what no longer serves you along with being heard in a supportive environment is what I offer my clients. 

We all have an inherent 'inner sense of knowing' that we may have become disconnected from through life's challenges. By reconnecting you with your personal power and opening up the pathway to your untapped potential and by facilitating growth through change which will take you towards your true divinity and through to the best version of you . 
You may choose any of the following, combine or swap between these therapies:

MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy)

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

IPT (Interpersonal Therapy)

Mindfulness & Meditation
Relationship Therapy

Equine Walk & Talk

Individual Therapy

Narrative Therapy


Walk & Talk 

I am available for sessions at Luma Wellness in Willunga, or can visit you in your own home. Equine Therapies will take place in multiple locations. 

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