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Equine Connection Soul Direction


Equine Assisted Therapy


Relationships: love and companionship with oneself and others is the foundation on which we function and experience the world. For those who find personal and social interactions challenging, you will find an animals quick response to your current presentation, may be reflected in your outer world. An animal can offer the client a healthy attachment, one that is less threatening than with people. Touching an animal can be non-threatening and clients can develop new skills connecting and touching with boundaries. Gentleness, nurturance, revealing concern for your personal wellbeing as well as the animals. This unique connection can facilitate growth and reflection based on your personal goals. 


A healing bond can develop between animals and humans when given a safe supported space. Offering individual and group therapy through interacting with horses to facilitate the prevention or resolution of emotional and behavioural difficulties with yourself and others, be this in you work life, your social life and/or your personal life. 

Horses offer the space to extend, elaborate and grow your interpersonal communications which can connect you to your personal wellbeing, joy and happiness. This can provide a foundation for healthy relationships with yourself and others.  

We will be offering sound healing individually and with the horses, for you to learn and experience what we as individuals bring to light including personal, social, emotional and collective energy, be that conscious or unconscious.  

This type of therapy can be utilised through a broad spectrum of presenting issues ranging from anxiety, depression, social isolation, grief, loss, trauma and PTSD. 


I am offering walk and talk therapy with a horse of your choosing, or a session where you can just 'Be' with the horse you choose, you do not have to do anything at all, you can just sit in their presence or you can brush, walk or play with them, the possibilities are endless and the options are all yours! This is an amazing opportunity for you to interact with a horse on your own terms, there are very few places that offer this service. 

Embarking upon an equine journey you get to choose your four legged therapist. This may be Ace, Callie, Harlequin, Maverick, Charm or Mercedes (please refer to Meet the Team). 


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