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Equine Connection Soul Direction

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Equine Healing
Equine Craniosacral Healing
Cranio sacral healing is a growing field of study and has enormous benefits not only to people but also to animals.  I studied Equine Craniosacral Therapy in 2005 in the UK through the Upledger Institute before going on to  study the human aspect of Craniosacral therapy here in Australia also through Upledger Institute.  The benefits for your horse receiving a Cranial treatment can be significant and can assist with issues like: Head shaking, Aggression, spinal injuries, head injuries and traumas, crib biting, emotional issues, castration, lameness, facial nerve issues, girthing issues and shying.  It is recommended that your horse has at least 48 hours rest after a cranial treatment. 


Reiki Healing
Horses respond well to a reiki healing session and this is offered as an individual treatment or can be combined within a Cranial Treatment. The overall relaxation that is felt by the horse is evident. I work with the horses Chakra systems within a Reiki session as this amplifies the energy throughout the whole body and allows for a clear assessment of any energy blocks within these systems.  Many energy blocks directly relate to certain organs/body parts which allows the therapist to work directly in that area, to amplify the energy and clear the blockages, resulting in equilibrium returning to the body









Bach Flower Remedies & Crystal Healing
There are 38 Bach flower remedies which are complimentary to other healing platforms.  Dr Bach divided the remedies into seven emotional categories which are, fear, uncertainty, insufficient interest in present circumstances, loneliness, oversensitivity to influences and ideas, despondency or despair and over-care for the welfare of others. The physical, mental and emotional aspects of humans and animals are all inter-connected and we are products of our environments where we are affected by just about everything that we come into contact with. These can have a positive or negative affect on us. Bach remedies help us get back to our natural state by supporting the positive aspects of the current emotional situation we find ourselves in and help us return to our natural state of equilibrium.

**Reiki Healing and Animal Communication is also offered for other pets, including but not limited   to Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and Horses**

Testimonial from Sally: 

 “Many thanks to Yvonne for her ‘chat’ with canine Charlie. Her insight, compassion and follow up has been faultless. He now seems to be coming out the other side of his anxiousness (a result that drugs didn’t produce), and almost back to his old self. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a session with her if your furry friend needs some help.



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