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PROJECTION - What do we see?

When we look at others lives, what do we see?

When we see our doctor, what do we see?

When we see our partner, child, family, what do we see?

When we see our work colleague get that promotion that should have been ours, what do we see?

When we see our life seemingly not moving in the direction we want it to, what do we see?

When we see ourselves in our lives, what do we see....?

What do you think about the above questions? What DO YOU SEE? Where do your beliefs come from, how are you interpreting WHAT you SEE to strengthen your current belief system, you know, the one that is serving you, or maybe it is hindering you?

Have you thought about seeing your life, and experiences through another lens?

Have you ever looked out at sea and seen a boat, that looks sooooo tiny, you think, WOW that is a small ship and your friend says 'That ship is huge' and you retort, 'Don't be ridiculous, it is a tiny ship'! Then your friend passes you the binoculars that they have been looking through, and suddenly, that tiny ship, is now actually a cruise liner with 3 thousand people on it!!! WHAT, how did that happen??? You sigh, then hand your friend back their binoculars and then begin to justify how it looked to you. You believed what you saw...right...? And you weren't going to challenge that thought or belief without provocation to think differently about it?

You are not alone.....................WE all see life through the lens that we were exposed to up until now...our parents, our friends, our culture, our religion, society, social media.......WHO ARE WE? WHO AM I? AM I a collection of other peoples beliefs, social norms, virtues, ethics, WHERE DO I FIT IN? What do I want in my life and HOW THE HECK DID I GET HERE??? did you get to where you are? Do you like who you are, do you really believe what you currently believe? Is that your belief, or where did it come from?

Wow, Yvonne, so many questions........

Where does FEAR come into the equation? Is FEAR driving your life, or is it your EGO? Both are necessary to keep us safe and to keep us moving forward, but it is when either become out of balance that we end up in strife!

How do we change our perspective...well, first we CHOOSE to see things differently, THEN we Question our beliefs.......ARE they mine? I actually hate sprouts, but mum said they were good for me so I ate them...YUK!! (That's me by the way........being a Vegetarian, eating your Greens was a must, even if they had to be drenched in tomato of extra preservatives on those goodies). Second we need to question our beliefs...hmm are they mine, do they suit my lifestyle, is this me, or a shadow version of me?

Think LATERALLY not in a LINEAR fashion and you will open your mind, heart and soul to different experiences, different visions and maybe, just maybe, be open to another's point of view, remember they too are probably coming from a version of themselves that has been bestowed upon them long before their cognition was developed enough to be able to discern what was right or what was wrong and what they liked or did not would they know, if they had not experienced BOTH sides of an equation or argument, one they could understand of course!

Consider this if you will...........WHAT IF when you were born you were told that eating meat was not healthy and you were brought up as a Vegetarian ('God forbid, I hear you say, I love my meat' - that's a belief system that was given to you that has now become your norm) I use this as an example of a deeply held, deeply ingrained belief that this is RIGHT. I am not saying that it is WRONG, I am using this as an example for you to start to Question your beliefs, about what is RIGHT for YOU, no one else, not your Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister, Partner, Child or Friend, but YOU...where do you want to stand? Are you not a UNIQUE and beautiful being, with your own sequence of DNA, Genes and thoughts? YES you you deserve to think differently, and do what is right for you?

YES YOU DO....Be your unique and beautiful self, find what rocks your world and be open to a new way of thinking and a new way of being, because the world needs what you have to offer. SHINE and remember how many facets a diamond has that makes it sparkle even in the dimmest of lights. Bring your light, bring your awareness and open mind and heart!

With love always

Believe, Trust Forgive and LOVE - Thrive, don't just Survive X

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