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"In order to understand, one must first experience"

Reiki eludes definition as it is an expression of energy whose essence is movement

Reiki is a Universal Energy system that can  provide deep relaxation which promotes a sense of peace and well being. It can help us clear through all the mental clutter or brain fog that comes with living in such a busy and sometimes stressful world.  A Reiki healing session can also help your bodies energy systems to recharge, balance and cleanse.  We are not one system, but many systems and Reiki can help connect all of the body mind and spirit connections if we choose for that to be so......otherwise it can be a deeply relaxing and comforting healing session. 

I began to receive Reiki healing some 30 years ago and I loved the balance, peace and serenity it gave me, so much so that I decided to study it and did my Reiki 1 training.  The changes in my overall being along with heightened awareness and reduced stress but amplified creativity were incredible. This led me to into Reiki 2 and then on to be a Master Reiki practitioner.  I use Reiki healing for myself, my children, animals and other peoples pets that require healing. Reiki healing is a core component of who I am and a foundational practice on which I have built all my other healing platforms.

What Reiki is is not a religion neither is it connected with any religion or cult or special belief system and does not involve hypnosis or massage. 


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