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Equine Connection Soul Direction



Coming Soon "REFLECTIONS" workshop.!!
We are creating workshops to experience deeply touching and transformational sessions where your senses will delight in the freedom of expression that may have been buried deep within you. Connect deeply with the essence of who you are, make new friends, learn about yourself, the horses and those around you. Learn what you bring into a space and how to change or modify those learning's for optimum awareness and performance. Relax, breathe, and go deep within, incorporating and incredible journey with sound healing.
These sessions will include a variety of healing and insightful techniques to help you connect with those lost or disconnected soul fragments.  An introduction to the concepts of Equine Therapy, where we will find the intention for the session and then explore this through various methods both with and without the horses.  Working through or processing what you experience in a way to promote healing and understanding as well as a debrief to ensure that you leave feeling refreshed, enlightened and connected. Our intention is always to increase awareness and enable you to continue your day and life with a better understanding of yourself, your inter personal relationships and how your thoughts and behaviours can be managed.
There will be quality time allocated with your facilitators throughout the day allowing for a deeper healing/relaxation and expansion of the learnings from the day. 
You will be guided and supported with the horses and you will be able to choose to work directly with the horses or from a distance. 




Sound Healing
Equine Therapy
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