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Equine Connection Soul Direction


Ace -21 yrs old Shetland pony 

Ace is a very fun boy with oodles of personality...he loves people and escaping or undoing gates to run his own agenda for the day!! He has incredible presence and for those of you not familiar with horses, at only 9hh (4 inches = 1 hand) his small size would be great at building your confidence.  


Lexi is a now 2 year old Cavoodle who loves people and has an incredible ability to make clients feel relaxed and comfortable in her presence. She is a non shedding super chilled girl. If you would like a session with this adorable girl please just ask!


Maverick -13 yrs old pure bred Arab


He is versatile and skilled in many areas and has been part of our family for 9 years.  He is inquisitive, kind and such a gentle horse and loves attention, he loves to get up to mischief with his partner in crime...Ace!!

Harlequin - 12 yrs old Cremello Quarter Horse

'Harley' the newest member to the herd and is extremely quiet and loves people. She can be quite cheeky and inquisitive. A beautiful mare that will nurture you


Callie - 15 years old Warmblood x Thoroughbred


Callie is quite complex due to her previous life experiences, and therefore will only be used for observational analysis.  Her character is loving and fun, but she is very clear on her boundaries and has a large personal space bubble!!  Callie will be perfect for those with advanced horse experience or those wishing to see defined horse language in action

Mercedes - 8 years old Australian stock horse.


'Mercy' as she is affectionately known is extremely athletic and excels in the sports she participates in. She is the youngest of the group and very accommodating with people and within the herd she likes to assert her position but does not maintain it.....She has so much pizzazz and is a delight to be around

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